Top 5 things to consider when choosing a local IT Support Provider

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Keys to Hiring the Right Firm

If you are shopping to find a local IT Support provider to partner within the Wilmington NC or Jacksonville NC area, you have many items to consider in order to make the right choice.  This is a critical decision you must make, for your IT Support Provider can help drive efficiency, ensure greater profitability for your company, and help you achieve your company mission.  The wrong IT Support provider, on the other hand, can destroy your reputation, cause you to lose critical data (and even clients!), waste your time, and bill for services not delivered effectively.  Our goal is to educate you on the top 5 key areas to consider when evaluating companies to work with. Partner with us as your IT tech support Wilmington NC provider and see the difference yourself.

  1.  Responsiveness – How long does it take for them to call you back?  Are there more than 1 or 2 techs on staff?  Being in need and waiting days for your IT provider to reach back out causes you to lose productivity, and often have to send people home because they cannot work.  We answer 95% of our phone calls before voicemail, and respond to over 90% of our tickets in 30 minutes.  We measure this internally and hire before we have to in order to ensure excellent service for clients just like you.
  2. Transparency – Does your IT provider give you regular reporting to help provide insight into the health of your network, your devices, and your data?  Are you positive your backups are working?  If your provider can’t show you this data, it’s probably because they aren’t watching closely enough, or they aren’t sure themselves.  We offer you robust reporting each month with human commentary.  We use automation for much of our maintenance, but we never let the machines run the show entirely.  We check up on these items often to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and communicate this with you every month.
  3. Trust – When you choose an IT support provider, they will have access to your passwords, sensitive information, and really the keys to the vault.  Have you checked into their reputation?  Do they screen their employees thoroughly?  You should ask them what measures they take to ensure their staff is trustworthy, and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your provider’s integrity and team.  We vet our employees thoroughly, perform strict background checks, drug screenings, personality and integrity tests, and hire less than 1% of all applicants due to our strict standards to ensure competency and alignment with our culture.  This is to protect you from any kind of misconduct that could occur from bringing the wrong person onto the team.
  4. Bedside Manner – Unfortunately, you may have dealt with IT people in the past that were condescending, lacked compassion, empathy, or failed to see the bigger picture from your shoes.  IT technicians are notorious for lacking bedside manner, and to be blunt, may treat you like you are an annoyance, or are stupid.  We also ensure our technicians will communicate effectively with you in terms you will understand – we speak tech, but you may not.  We have created a culture of caring and empathy for our clients, and always put your needs first.  We believe that our job is to partner with you to ensure your business is successful, protected, and running efficiently and effectively, regardless of the outcome for us.  We know that if we treat you with the respect you deserve and need, the rest will take care of itself.
  5. Competency – We are amazed when we go to hire technicians how little “IT Techs” in this area really know about how to solve technical issues.  Unfortunately, in this industry, you don’t need a degree, certification, or any special license to be a tech support WIlmington NC technician.  There is a low barrier to entry and IT work is largely unregulated.  Anyone that has had an entrepreneurial seizure and knows a thing or two about computers can start their own IT firm.  It is imperative that your outsourced IT team knows their stuff, and can solve challenges quickly, and better yet, work proactively to avoid the pitfalls of poor infrastructure, security, and planning.  This is a tough one to measure, but we ask that you ask for references (and make sure you get 4 or 5 at least) to find out how well they handle client issues and how competent their staff is.  Remember, this key point will affect your ability to get help quickly, and not have repeat calls often for the same issue – that gets expensive, quickly.



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